Daily disposable Lenses

Daily disposable soft contact lenses are single lens blisters that are discarded after one days wear. A convenient choice for sport-purposes, occasional wearers and those that is prone to allergies.

2-weekly and Monthly Disposable Lenses

These re-usable disposable soft contact lenses are suitable for patients that wear lenses on an everyday basis. These lenses can be worn every day and is discarded after either 14 or 30-days. Silicone Hydrogel options are available which enables patients to sleep with their lenses in and allows more oxygen to reach the cornea.

Conventional Lenses

Conventional soft contact lenses can be re-used for up to a year. Requires a more elaborate cleaning regimen and has a higher risk for infections than disposable contact lenses.

Multifocal Contact Lens

Multifocal contact lens options are available for a patient that require correction for reading or is wearing multifocal or bifocal spectacles. These lenses are available in daily or monthly disposable options.

Astigmatism Lenses

Commonly known as “rugby ball shaped eyes”, there are numerous options available for patients with Astigmatism. Options include daily and monthly disposable, as well as multifocal lenses.