lens coatings

Hard/Scratch resistant coating

Protective, clear coating that prevents the lens surface from excessive scratching.

Anti-reflective/glare coating

An anti-reflective coating significantly reduces eyestrain and headaches in computer users. It also improves night-time vision and the cosmetic appearance of your spectacles. Most anti-glare coatings carry a 2-year guarantee against manufacturing defects.

Blue control / Crizal Prevencia Coatings

All LED & LCD screens ( Computer, smartphones, tablets ect) emit blue light. Although blue light itself is normal, over exposure can cause eye strain and fatique. This coating neutralises blue light, and help relax eyes, and even better contrast perception.

Transition / Photo-chromatic Lenses

Lenses that change from clear indoors, to dark outdoors. Blocks harmful UVA & UBV rays. Available in Grey, Brown and Green(G15)


 Polarized lenses are made from a special polarizing film that is imbedded on the front surface of the lens. This allows light rays to be filtered, consequently improving the vision in strong light conditions. Polarized lenses will protect you from UV rays, glare and intense light. Polarized lenses are ideal for fishing and driving.


This coating reduces fogging of your spectacle lenses in humid conditions and exposure to steam.


A wide variety of colours and shades are available. This coating filters UVA & UVB rays. Lenses are available for both curved/wrap-around and normal frames.