Eye Examination

Each comprehensive eye examination includes a full visual assessment and health evaluation, including Glaucoma screening and Retinal photos. By booking 1-hour appointments, there is no rush during the eye examination and gives the patient the opportunity to ask questions and discuss the recommend treatment. We are keen to understand each patient’s lifestyle and needs in order to optimize treatments and suggestions.

Discovery Vitality members over the age of 60-years can earn 2500 points for a Glaucoma screening.


Paediatric Eye Examinations

In addition to the standard eye examination procedures; colour vision, depth perception and accommodative abilities are tested for routinely during our paediatric assessments (applicable from age of 6-years and up). Children younger than the age of 6-years are seen by an eye specialist, as their eyes are not fully developed yet which requires specialized procedures.

Contact Lens Consultation

A contact lens consultation is performed on every new and existing contact lens wearer. For existing wearers the additional tests are performed during the eye examination to ensure ongoing health and safety.

First time contact lens wearers will receive instructions on how to safely insert and remove their contact lenses. We monitor new patients closely to ensure their eyes are compatible with contact lens wear and that they are satisfied with the visual result.

Driver’s Licence Screenings

The screening for driver’s licence renewals and/or skipper’s licences is done at a charge of R20. A certificate in compliance with the National Road Traffic Act will be provided.

Services and Repairs

We encourage our patients to bring in their frames for general maintenance and nose-pad replacement, which is free of charge. Most repairs can be done on site. In the event that we cannot repair your frame, we use the service of a professional laboratory and a small fee may apply.